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Birdie Booth FAQ

Here are answers to our top 5 commonly asked questions we receive.  If you have another one you'd like answered, just send us an email and we'll get right back to you.


How many people can fit into the booth?

Because of the open air style, depending on how far away you get, the more people can fit.  But 5-8 people is a good number to stick to for a great group shot.


What does customized graphics mean?

Each photo, whether printed or digital, can have your logo or text place on it to brand your event.  For example, for weddings we can add your names and date as the design, or for corporate events a logo can be inserted.  We can provide you the specs for the layout you choose so you can custom make your graphic or we can help you design a basic one.

In addition, the image on the touch screen can also be branded with a custom image.


What are the dimensions of​ the booth?

The Social Birdie with the front facing LED lights needs roughly 2.5' x2.5' for the base and stands about 5.5' high.  There is only one power cord that will need an outlet and any wall can be used as your backdrop!

The Big Birdie measures 3'x3' and 7.5' tall, includes an 8'x8' backdrop and studio lighting.  This

set up will require a space that is 10'x10' and access to one power outlet.  We require an 8' table if we will be doing on-site printing and props.

The Live Photographer set up also includes an 8'x8' backdrop and studio lighting and requires a space that is 10'x10' with access to one power outlet.


How long does each photo take to print?​

We use a state of the art thermal printer that prints photos in about 18 seconds.  With this speed you're guests won't have to wait in long lines waiting for their prints.  And if you choose the photostrip layout it will cut the photo strips as well.


Can the photos be printed in black & white?

Yes.  You can choose whether to have your prints come out in full color or classic black & white, and various filter options.

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