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This is the privacy policy of Birdie Booth.  It sets out how we collect and use personal data of users of this website ( and individuals who attend events and take photos using our photo booth(s). 



What information do we collect, why, and what happens to it?



If you visit our website:

We do not collect or store any data from viewing our website.



If you use our photo booth at an event:

  1. Phone Numbers and Emails

The email address and/or phone number you voluntarily enter is only used to send your photographs to you.  We don’t store your email address or phone number in any database.  The software we use to run the photo booth session also does not store that information, they only handle your personal data as a processor. To see their privacy policy click here: Three Commas Proprietary Limited


  1. Photographs

The pictures taken during an event using our photo booth are collected, saved and shared with the event host.

  1. Birdie Booth owns any and all copyrights to the photographs taken.

  2. All photographs are collected by voluntary participation by each user.

  3. Photographs are saved offline on our secured drives indefinitely. 

  4. After each event we share the photos with the host on a flash drive and/or via a Dropbox link with a 14 day expiration.

  5. The software used in the photo booth also stores all images on encrypted servers for up to 180 days and is only available to us.

  6. Online galleries for events are created upon the hosts requests and stay online for no more than 90 days.  The galleries are password protected by request only, however, the exact URL is needed to access and share them.  This URL will be found in the link sent to you when you enter your email and/or phone number.

  7. We reserve the right to use selected photos from events for our Social Media accounts and/or display them on our website as examples.



If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us via email at

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