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the Social Birdie

Simple.  Elegant.  Powerful.

The Social Birdie is a beautiful one-of-a-kind photo booth that is hand made from solid walnut to create an elegant, simple open air booth. 


Designed specifically for power and size, don't let its slim profile fool you, not only is this booth capable of fitting into the smallest places it's also powerful enough to handle thousands of users making it perfect for any large scale event, or small house-party, sweet 16, graduation, storefront or event space.


Utilizing the power of an iPad Pro and custom LED beauty-lighting the booth functions without supervision.  Guests receive photos instantly via text/email and on-site printing is available as well.

The Birdie Booth is sure to be a hit at your next event!

the Big Birdie

Vintage.  Handcrafted.  HiRes.

The Big Birdie is a vintage designed hi-resolution powerhouse in a beautiful bespoke walnut body.


Utilizing the powerful capabilities of a professional DSLR camera, accompanied by studio quality lighting, this booth makes everybody look beautiful.


Perfect for events where you want your photo booth to work flawlessly as well as make a beautiful impression on your guests.

Have a Live Photographer

Live Photo Shoot.

Have you ever wanted to have your very own photo shoot?  Now you can.  We will set up a live photo shoot setting with a professional live photographer, background, studio lighting and props!


This is the perfect interactive atmosphere that will engage your guests and create timeless photographs.  Our professional lighting set up will create beautiful lighting that will make everyone look gorgeous.